The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis like none other in the recent past.  We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

The economy has been profoundly affected, including the automotive business.  Retail auto sales and the entire supply chain are significantly depressed.

Here is what we’re doing to help our auto dealer clients.

RESOURCES.  EZ360 is committed to fully retaining our staff and supporting our clients so your operations aren’t affected today and we’re helping you build for the future.

SUPPORT. We initiated a Work From Home policy on March 16 to protect our employees, families, and communities.  Our world-class customer service will not be affected.  We use Amazon servers to ensure the highest level of photo and media availability and speed. We have technical staff dedicated to support ticket requests and calls.  Feel free as well to reach out directly to our executives via email and phone.

VISION. This crisis will accelerate the transition to online merchandising.  EZ360 was formed precisely for this reason to help our customers stand out in an ever more crowded Internet market.

We’re focused on delivering two things to our clients.

  1. The best photo quality and presentation so consumers feel like they’re in your showroom.
  2. Wall-to-wall automation from studio shooting to web display to slash the operational cost of a photo system.

We will continue to invest in product development during this business slowdown to further improve photo beauty and automation through technologies like computer vision and machine learning.

The EZ360 Team