November 19, 2021 Dallas, TX – Today auto dealers do most of their retailing online.  Photo studios are a requirement, not just an option, for many.  But what do if you already have part of a studio?

That was the challenge that faced Kuni BMW in Portland Oregon.  They had a turntable and two white walls.  The pictures didn’t provide the quality they needed to be competitive.  But they were not going to buy a full booth. They turned to EZ360 to build out the rest of their studio so the store could stand above other dealers.

The EZ360 installation featured the FlightLight™ adjustable light system with LED lights, diffuser, and curtains.  An automation system included fixed and mobile 4K resolution cameras for perfect spins, interior 360 panorama, and detail photos.  Lastly EZ360 provided a custom VDP that showcased their new pictures along with closeup features and flaws.

According to Sven Woods, Kuni BMW GM:

“Everyone we talked to wanted to sell us a complete studio.  But not EZ360.  They customized their offering to give us only and exactly what we needed.  We were able to leverage our existing studio and pay for the additions with convenient monthly payments.

“Their product and installation exceeded our expectations.  Our photographer is saving a huge amount of time taking and processing photos thanks to EZ360‘s automation.  We love the outstanding resolution of the 4K photos.  The web site photos are so good that our online visitors now feel like they’re actually seeing the cars in our showroom.”

EZ360 founder and CEO Izzy Alpert said:

“Every dealership is different.  We customize our studio to deliver only what dealers need.  If you only want lights, we just sell our FlightLight™.  If you already have a turntable and walls like Kuni BMW or a circular booth, we provide the full lights plus cameras, automation, and amazing 4K resolution.  If you don’t have room for the ideal studio, we design and custom build a smaller studio that will fit your space, or install a new steel building.

“The magic is in the software.  We re-engineered auto dealer photography to ensure automated operation, instant web site publishing, and 4K resolution.  Our artificial intelligence cropping and enhancement will make your pictures look their absolute best, regardless of your studio configuration or where you shoot your pictures.”



Kuni BMW is the largest BMW Authorized Center in Oregon. Located in Beaverton, Kuni BMW has been a member of the community for over 40 years. Kuni BMW became a member of the Holman Automotive dealership group with the 2016 acquisition of Kuni Automotive by Holman Enterprises. Becoming a part of one of the largest privately-owned dealership groups in the United States accelerates the journey that Kuni BMW started in 1969. Visit Kuni BMW at


EZ360 provides the ONLY wall-to-wall photo studio with 4K pictures and full-screen custom VDP so you can compete against Carvana. The custom-built photo studio features 300,000 lumens LED light, diffuser, and photographic plastic walls with rounded corners so you can take beautiful and consistent photos from every angle. The 18′ heavy-duty turntable provides perfect spins at the click of a remote. There is no need to Push a Booth!

EZ360 automation lets you turn around and shoot a vehicle in less than 10 minutes. Photos can be taken by a detailer and are instantly published on your web site. Our computer vision software – Smart Crop and Smart Enhancer – automates photo post-processing that used to take hours per day. Get a quote at or call (888) 88-EZ360 (888-883-9360).