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In today’s competitive car market, high-quality photos are essential for attracting buyers and driving sales. EZ360 offers advanced technology to enhance your marketing efforts with precision and performance. Here are the key components of our solutions:


The EZ360 photo studio is designed to create the perfect lighting environment for vehicle photography. 

  • FlightLight System: The FlightLight system is an integrated light system designed to reduce electrician time and costs and provide easy maintenance.  
    • LED Stadium Lights: 350,000 lumens are provided, more than two times any other vendor.  The lights ensure bright even illumination across the vehicle.
    • Adjustable Lightweight Truss: Lights can easily be installed and replaced or have their position changed on the truss. 
    • Diffuser:  A silk diffuser softens the light to eliminate harsh shadows and hotspots.
    • Curtains: Heavy-duty white curtains prevents outside light, such as sunlight, that can ruin photos and unbalance studio photography settings. 
    • Electric Winches: Electric hoists make it easy to raise and lower the truss and lights for installation, maintenance, and diffuser cleaning. 

EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable

The EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable is engineered to provide a seamless 360-degree rotating platform for even the largest trucks. Here’s how it’s constructed:

  • High-Grade Steel Framework: Manufactured in the USA, this framework provides stability and long-lasting performance, supporting heavy vehicles with ease.
  • Durable Fiberglass Top: Made from premium epoxy and fiberglass, it is rust-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Smooth Drive: A precision-engineered motor and drive system ensure smooth and consistent spinning regardless of vehicle size. 

Raised Floor.  EZ360 can provide a raised concrete floor to the height of the turntable.  The raised floor epoxy can match the surface of the turntable top.  The result is a flat, clean, and uniform look that doesn’t distract from the vehicle. 

The raised floor makes it easy to drive vehicles in and out of the studio.  There is no jarring of the vehicle or chance for accident compared to using turntable ramps.  The epoxy finish reflects light to enhance photo quality and better distribute light all around the vehicle. 

Automation Center

Add the EZ360 control center with 4K cameras and software to your turntable for perfect, consistent spins. A full production takes just 7-10 minutes.

  • User-Friendly: Fixed top and bottom cameras capture over a hundred high-resolution 4K photos with a single click.
  • Instant Publishing: The automation software immediately uploads spins and photos to the cloud and your website.
  • EZPi: The EZPi is a special-purpose photography computer with secured Internet, internal wifi network for studio cameras and computers, fixed spin camera viewing and control, and remote location access for system troubleshooting and updates. 

Steel Buildings

Our steel buildings offer a durable and customizable solution for dealerships facing space constraints.

  • Customized Design and Features: Each building is tailored to meet dealership needs, including garage and man doors.
  • Turnkey Construction Process: EZ360 manages all phases of design and construction, from initial drawings to on-site installation.

At EZ360, we focus on precision engineering and high-quality materials to deliver exceptional vehicle photos.

Ready to upgrade your vehicle photography and discover more about the EZ360 Fiberglass Turntable, the only rotating platform for auto dealers that won’t rust and provides a 5 year top-to-bottom guarantee.  Contact Us Today!