SpinSmart: Photo Studio or Spin AI … Why not BOTH?

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Why SpinSmart?

“Just Spin” or “Just BGR” is not Smart enough!

EZ360 is the only company that started using AI more than 3 years ago for dealer photos with the introduction of the Auto Crop. We kept increasing the capabilities and training the system so all it takes is one minute of your people’s time for a spin. Just walk around the vehicle and shoot a video!

Our AI takes care of the rest.  It automatically uploads your media; crops, supersizes, and enhances the video and pictures; creates a smooth spin and exterior photos; finds and shows points of interest; publishes it all on your website; and sends you the photos for your advertising partners … all in high-resolution 4K.

SpinSmart looks good.  Why do I need a Photo Studio?


The outdoors can be cruel to photos. Direct sun, reflections, shadows, rain, and snow all detract from your vehicle photos and its beauty. Picture quality will vary depending on when the production was shot.  EZ360 photo studio lighting produces over 400,000 lumens – creating consistent, vivid, sharp, and high-quality pictures day after day.

If you sell high end cars – a Photo Studio is a must!

Efficiency and Cost Savings

The EZ360 Automated Photo studio with 18’ HD turntable doubles your productivity. It saves space compared to that required for a walkaround.   Take spins and 360s with just a click.  It’s so EZ to operate you don’t need a skilled photographer and there is little room for manual error.

If you sell over 150 cars per month, the Photo Studio saves you $$$!