EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable

Your Table Could Look Like This …


… Or Like This.  Year After Year.

Turntables That Match Your Floor … and Your Brand

You know you’ve got to have a turntable for smooth and reliable 360 spins.  Fixed cameras provide consistent spins and great pictures car after car, day after day.  Add automated software to your rotating car platform and you can shoot a full spin with over 100 photos in just a minute!

But it’s no longer enough just to be competitive with Carvana and other national and local retailers.  Many dealers today have photo booths and carousels.  You’ve got to stand out online.

EZ360 has the solution with customizable EZTurn table tops that give your photos the unique image they deserve.  Select colors and flakes that match your floor.  Use tiles for a dramatic flair.  Or add your logo for powerful branding.

Turntables That Last

The challenge is finding a turntable that lasts.  All turntable tops are made of metal.  Powder-coated carbon steel eventually rusts.  Stainless steel is impossible to clean.  Restoring such turntables costs a fortune and is time-consuming.

That’s why the EZ360 turntable is made of fiberglass — just like a Corvette or boat.   It’s durable, shiny, and will never rust.  Nothing sticks to it.  It takes just 10 minutes to clean with a wet mop and detergent or Windex.  Buff it with wax as needed to restore the shine.  It looks just like new in less than an hour!

Superior U.S. Engineering & Manufacturing

We’ve seen it all after selling other companies’ turntables for five years – from rust to breakdowns and the inconvenience to our auto dealers.  We had to do better.  So EZ360 spent two years in design, engineering, fabrication, and refinements to offer our own truly superior heavy-duty turntable.  It’s built here in the USA with top-quality steel and materials. No other turntable can offer tops that last and all this.

  • 18’ diameter – will fit any vehicle, even the largest pickups and transit vans.
  • Fiberglass top with Galvanized steel frame – resists rust and corrosion.
  • 1.0 HP motor with VFD – will never burn or fail to turn.
  • 10,000 LBS capacity (18’ model) – no vehicle is too heavy (upgradable to 25,000 LBS).
  • Forward and backwards drive – no more wasting valuable time.
  • Dual drive system – still runs even if one drive is offline.
  • Optional automated photography package – just press a button for instant spin, upload, and publication.

Perfect spins with the EZ360 Automation Center

Take the next step. Add the EZ360 control center and software to your turntable for perfect, consistent spins. A full production takes just 7-10 minutes to shoot. It’s so easy to use that even a detailer can be an EZ360 photographer.

Fixed top and bottom cameras generate over a hundred high-resolution 4K photos. Just click the button to start the spin and rotate the table. The automation software instantly publishes the spin and your photos to the cloud and your website.

Stand above the competition with 4K pictures!   Our custom VDP enables your website buyers to zoom in on the car or truck and see closeup details and even blemishes as if they were in the showroom.

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EZ360 supplies photo booths, turntables, cameras, and software to car, truck, SUV, van, RV, motorcycle, and boat
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