EZ360 FlightLight Studio

No Space?  No Problem.

Our FlightLight Studio Saves Space … and Money!

EZ360 custom studios fit spaces as little as 23’x25’. But what do you do when you don’t even have that room? If you have space outside we can build a building next to your facility or on the parking lot.

Another solution is our FlightLight Studio.   It’s our regular studio, just without the walls.  You don’t need a dedicated space. Put it in your showroom, recon center, or warehouse. You can drive cars over it and even wash them. The photos above are from Essence Maserati, which has their FlightLight Studio in their service entrance.

FlightLight Studio specifications:

  • A facility ceiling of at least 12 feet is recommended.
  • Features the FlightLight truss attached to your ceiling as a base for lights and diffuser.   The truss saves you thousands of dollars in electrician costs since each light doesn’t have to be separately hung and cabled.  It can be lowered and raised for easy diffuser maintenance.
  • Provides 250,000 lumens of light for even the darkest locations.
  • The diffuser filters soft light for excellent photos.
  • The heavy-duty turntable provides perfect, consistent spin pictures.  The 13′ turntable handles passenger cars.  Upgrade to the 18′ model to spin even the largest trucks.
  • Includes our automation package with high-resolution cameras for exterior spin, interior 360, and detail photos that are INSTANTLY published on your web site.

Pricing starts at just $795 per month!
(includes shipping, installation, training, software, 60 month lease, $10,000 down, $1 buyout)

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