Perfect Picture Free Software Program

One Auction View® has partnered with EZ360
to provide dealers Free Photo Software.

EZ360 is the leader in Automated Dealer Photo Studios with gorgeous high-resolution photos from studio to web site and wall-to-wall automation that instantly uploads pics to your VDP.  It’s so easy to run, detailers take the photos!  Vehicles can be in and out in seven to nine minutes.

Our Basic Software service features HD Spin for walkaround, 360, and pics with automatic update and is $295/month.  As an OAV customer, your cost is $0.

The Free software program includes all the following.  No other company can provide all this … at any price!

  • Uses a Low-Cost and High-Resolution smartphone.
  • The iVana mobile app takes Exterior Spin, Interior 360, and Detail photos at HD (1920×1080) resolution.
  • The iVana Magazine is an Easy-to-Follow guide that makes it EZ to take detail pics.
  • Your photos are Automatically and Immediately uploaded to your web site in High Resolution.
  • Our Powerful Media Layer displays spin animation, interior panorama, and high-resolution photos on your web site.
  • We import Vehicle Inventory from your data feed provider and Export Photos for ad partners.
  • The iContent back-end provides Inventory Management and Picture Editing.
  • Setup is included for import, export, and media layer SRP and VDP integration.

Want more? EZ360 can provide our premium software with 4K photos and zoom, hotspots, branding, merchandising, multispin cameras, automated crops, custom VDP  …  our custom photo studio  …  or both.   Contact us to learn about upgrading.