EZ360 Perfect Picture Partner Program



Calling all Auto Industry
Photography Services and Detailers

Ready to take over your market and increase your profits?

EZ360 is the leader in Automated Dealer Photo Studios with gorgeous high-resolution photos from studio to web site and wall-to-wall automation that instantly uploads pics to the dealer VDP.  It’s so easy to run, detailers take the photos!  Vehicle can be in and out in seven to nine minutes.

Want Perfect Pictures for your own client dealers?  You can with the EZ360 Perfect Picture Partner Program.  Our turnkey system is now available to auto industry photographers, detailers, and other service providers.  You can do more than manually take photos.  Give dealers a full and automated service, save time taking and processing photos, and generate more profit and sales.


New Tools to Build your Business

The Partner Program helps you three ways.

1. Get your own Photo Studio for as low as $1,590 per month.

The all-inclusive price includes everything you’ll need to take fabulous photos:

  • FlightLight adjustable light system for EZ installation and maintenance
  • 300,000 lumens of lights and diffuser for soft light that removes glare and shadows
  • Heavy-duty turntable for perfect spins
  • Control center with cameras, computer, and accessories for automation
  • All shipping, on-site setup, and training.

The photos at bottom are from our FlightLight Studio, which was installed in a dealer’s service entrance.  If you have more space and budget, we can provide our full Custom Studio with photographic walls for the best quality photos.

2. Automation software.  EZ360 software includes our iVana mobile app and iContent for back-end inventory management and picture publishing.  But it’s not enough to just take great pictures today.  What counts is what the car buyer sees.  You know you can take pics with 20MB DSLRs … but most sites today display pics at only 640×480!  Why throw away 90% of the pixels and all that sharpness, detail, and beauty?

With EZ360 you can immediately and automatically publish photos AND show them in 4K resolution (4,000 x 3,000 pixels) on dealer web sites. You can also provide exterior spin, interior 360, detail hotspots, and web site integration for SRPs and VDPs.  Plus we can provide unbeatable features like branding, merchandising, and computer vision cropping and enhancement.

Do other local photo services offer all this?   You can with the EZ360!

3. A DEAL for your dealers. When you become an EZ360 Partner, your Dealers win too.  You can simply upload our high-resolution pics to their data provider like you’ve been doing.   It’s more powerful though when they have great-looking web sites.  We’re giving them 50% off our software so they can take full advantage of our automation.  Your dealers will get immediate uploads, spins, branding, perfect crops, and much more for as low as $195/month.

Add it all up!

EZ360 has transformed auto photography with higher-quality, faster, and full-featured photos and media.  How you build it into your own operation is up to you.

Charge the same price per vehicle and sign lots of new auto dealers …

Package it in a new premium service for more profit … or both!

Conquer your competition as an
EZ360 Perfect Picture Partner.

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