Ten years ago SiSTeR Technologies invented automated video with voice (known as Pic2Vid) that became the industry standard. Our vision today is “If cars can DRIVE themselves, HUMANS don’t have to shoot them.”

Our new EZ360 technology captures pictures and rich media of vehicles in FULLY AUTOMATED mode. The process takes just few minutes and the content is published instantly. Such attention-grabbing presentations capture potential buyers attention, increases conversion by 200-300% and saves dealers more than half of current costs.

The EZ360 platform includes a mobile app for photography (PixZero), a content management system with real-time reporting (iContent), instant publication (Media Layer) and even custom photo studio with turntable.

Media Layer for greater buyer engagement

Interactive interior 360°

Put your clients in the driving seat with 360 view of the vehicle interior, right, left ups & down. The interactive 360 view takes just 10 seconds to capture and increase engagement on mobile devices by over 300%.

Photo gallery

Showcase your superb pictures shot in an optimized environment. Our automated process captures buyer attention because websites have consistency with every car oriented the same.

Interactive exterior spin

Let the buyers view the vehicles from the all directions. The Exterior Spin is produced automatically in less than 1 minute and eliminate the need to take exterior pictures.

Vehicle video

Full motion or Pic2Vid of the vehicle with human voice narration and dealer branding attracted attention and position the dealership above the competition.

Dealership infomercial

Brand the consumers with the dealership message. You are not “just selling cars,” you are selling the brand and buyer experience. This video integrates drone flyover published instantly on all web site.

Social media sharing

“EZ360 helped us realize a dramatic savings in development costs and provides our website visitors with a superb user interface that has increased time on site by 56%.”
Evan Berney, CEO of Carbiz in Baltimore, Maryland

Photo Booth for Perfect Pictures

Overhead lighting

Illumination is provided by 1,000 watts of LED lights (over 130,000 lumens), three times that of competing products.


Photo-friendly EPVC curved walls are maintenance-free, unlike painted dry wall.


A remote controlled industrial turntable spins the car for automated photography from every angle.


A Wall-to-wall light diffuser eliminates hot spots and provides a soft look.

Control Center

Automates the process of capturing pictures, 360° spins and video. The photographer can review and edit media. EZ360 automatically uploads content instant publication.

“We are very pleased we selected EZ360 for their photo booth, turntable, cameras and software. The picture quality is superb and now our cycle time to photograph each vehicle is shorter. The immersive interior 360˚ virtual tours and interactive exterior spins give us a significant advantage over the competition. EZ360’s dedicated staff helped us make a smooth transition to the new process and their combined experience and knowledge proved to be very valuable.”
Marc Rhima, President, E-CarOne in Carrolton, Texas

Software is the key


The app matches VINs to pictures and guides your photographers through the process of creating rich media. Pictures, interior 360° virtual tour, exterior spin and video are uploaded automatically.

How much of your photographer time is wasted by the “upload” process? Over 25% of the day is gone.

How long does it take for your pictures to publish everywhere? Between 6 to 48 hrs.

With PixZero the inventory is on the camera. Just point & shoot (and add 360° and video) and save time and money. The uploading and publishing is done automatically and instantly. PixZero increases productivity by over 40%.

Because PixZero and the Media Layer are connected to the cloud the cycle time is cut to ZERO. Pictures are published instantly everywhere you sell cars online!


Realtime content management to edit, delete and publish content across all web sites instantly. View realtime statistics and historical reports.

How long does your photographer currently take to fix a mistake and repeat the “data refresh” process? At least 24 hrs

Do you know how efficient is your photographer? What’s your actual coverage? iContent provides the important metrics.


Apply groups of images to matching vehicles so you don’t have to shoot every car. It’s quick and easy to replace stock photos with actual vehicle photos.

What’s the real cost of “stock” photos? 80% of consumers ignore cars with them.

How much of the photography process is redundant and waste of time and resources? Over 50% of your photographer’s time is wasted by shooting the same* NEW car over and over (* same means the same model, interior / exterior colors and features…)

Copy Content allows the user to create templates from any existing vehicle. A template can contain all or just certain pictures, 360°, spin and video of any vehicle. Just select any NEW car, search for the applicable template and apply in a click of a button.

No more stock photos and no more wasted marketing time. Most important: save over $3,000 a month. (Based on average sale of 400 NEW cars at a cost of $10 per vin.)

“EZ360 has proven to be a very reliable, efficient system. Our single photographer, along with CopyContent, now achieves inventory photo coverage of 95%.”
Lawrence Curry, Internet Director at Honda Cars of Rockwall (Texas)

Branded video

Vehicle videos are essential to dealer websites because they capture attention and increase conversion. But why pay to be like everybody else?

EZ360 creates an informercial using aerial video of your dealership and interior video of the showroom, service garage and other facilities to capture a lasting impression.

Our automated system creates a unique video – with voice over narration – of each vehicle in the inventory. Unlike any other video provider, our vehicle videos are incorporated and superimposed over the dealership footage.

All of the videos are displayed on your website and all major third-party sites.

Use the budget that you are already spending to stand above the competition, capture attention and drive customers to your showroom!

“Thanks to the superb picture quality and enhanced media of EZ360, the time visitors spend on our website is at an all-time high.”
Jim Roberts, Marketing Director at Rich Ford in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cost savings

Time to market, picture quality and enhanced media are essential to capturing buyer attention. The value of EZ360 is clear. Frequent questions from dealers are are:

  • What is the upfront cost?
  • How can I justify any added cost?
  • What is the ROI?

The answer is simple: EZ360 is better and it costs LESS than what dealers currently spend!

Auto dealers who switch to the EZ360 platform from a third-party data collector save over 50% on current ongoing costs. The average U.S. dealer selling 500 vehicles per month saves over $44,000 a year.

Our product and technology put money in your pocket from day one!Consumers want more photos! When a dealer decides to shortcut their investment in vehicle photos, consumers begin to doubt the transparency of the dealership and the condition of the vehicle.”
2016 Auto Shopper Influence survey by PCG Research

How will EZ360 look on your site?

We’d be happy to show you! Because we use cloud hosting for all vehicle media we can display EZ360 content on any website with any provider.

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