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“Bring the Showroom to the Living room?”

Is a great strategy that we pioneered in the early days of COVID and was embraced by industry leaders .

It’s still a good strategy – if it’s done right. Using technology that was last update in 1985 for transferring and displaying your pictures in 640×480, 1020×768 or even 1980×1020 is not is not “Cutting it”.

It requires 4k pictures (3400×2160) that allows your buyer to zoom in for the finest detail because all your buyers are “pinching it” .. they are not pinching pennies – they pinch the screen!  Your buyers don’t complain If your pictures are getting fuzzy at just x4 zoom or lower – they just zoom away!

Our Amazon’s based platform delivers 4k pictures (3400×2160)  directly to your website, instantly!. Your vehicles and your buyers deserves 4k pictures and can afford to free your 4k since it’s free!”

“Photo studio is too expensive?”

Photo studio is too expensive?

More and more dealers are taking the pictures shooting indoor. The advantages are clear: better pictures, consistency, no weather issues and efficiency and the choices are limited:

  • Push A-Booth – pictures quality is good but you are stuck in the 20th century – no automation, no AI and a dedicated photographer is required. The cost is $16 – $17.50 per vehicle(*)
  • Do it yourself – buy a turntable, slap on some lights and walls or curtain and save some money. The results are “good enough” and the cost per vehicle is $12 – $13(*)
  • Automated, photo studio – all our photo studio includes a turntable, superb lighting system, automated software and cloud based control system. Custom-built for your location, volume and budget, and eliminating the need for a dedicated photographer brings the cost per down to $ 10.50 – $ 12 (**)

* Based of 200 vehicle per month and cost of labor of 20 $/hour.
** The automated photo studio increase productivity by 200-400%.

Do it right or do it twice …

Do it right or do it twice …

”All the problems of today are the solution of yesterday ..” . The only justification to invest in a photo studio is producing pictures, SPIN and interior 360 that captures potential buyers attention. We have called (too many times) to replace, update or repairs DIY photo studios that don’t cut it or deteriorate.

  • Must have lots of diffused light. If the light sources are exposed or the diffuser cannot be lowered down to clean. We provide 300,000 lumens diffused light, installed on suspended aluminum truss.
  • If your table is rusting, peeling or stained – that’s the first thing they’ll see. If it’s too small, crooked or uneven – why would they buy vehicles from you ?. All our turntables are built to last, will never rust and can carry of 20,000 lbs!
  • If it’s automated, you are wasting your most important (and costly) assets – your people. If the software cannot crop and enhanced them (automatically and instantly ..) using the same Computer Vision and AI technology that Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist that your buyers are seeking – you are missing the very basic.

If fact – since vehicles can drive and park themselves our software can take take pictures too … automatically.

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