The answer should be everywhere.  Well, not exactly.  But as we wrote earlier,  a whopping 86% of car shoppers start their vehicle search online before they visit a dealer.

And it’s not just any site.  Some buyers start with Google, a local dealership, or auto brand.  But by far most visit a wide array of different auto sales and information sites.  They encompass car and truck research and comparisons, new and used auto searches, both buying and selling vehicles, ratings and online discussion communities, and more.  Top sites include Autoblog, Autotrader,  KBB,, Edmunds, and CarGurus.

It would be easy for a dealer to just focus on their own physical dealership, repeat customers, their web site, and leads from the brand.  But given this wide spread of online sites, dealers will miss many car buyers if that’s all they do.

So dealers should follow a diverse multi-prong online strategy.

  1. Make sure your web site is immediately updated with listings and media for vehicles ready for sale.  Every day a car isn’t listed is a day you can’t sell it.
  2. Pay attention to SEO.  Top search rankings are prime online real estate.  Consumers typically won’t find you if you or your vehicles are not in the first page of results.  SEO is critical for consumers to find both your dealership and cars and trucks for sale.
  3. You need a presence on several third party auto sites.   You can’t limit yourself to a single site since none are dominant.
  4. The next level.  Today many dealers already pay attention to points one through three. So consider how you can stand out from the crowd and better close visitors to your web site.

EZ360 can help you achieve your online goals. Unlike other photo providers our pictures are immediately posted on your site.  We support most major third party auto sites where you can list your vehicles.  Our end-to-end solution from photo studio to app to web generates high quality and consistent photos.  The EZ360 media layer is proven to increase web visitor conversion up to 300%.  Contact us or call (888) 88-EZ360 (888-883-9360) to learn about the EZ30 difference.