NADA this year was at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 2–4.  If you attended, you likely experienced the buzz surrounding EZ360. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a recap. At the event, EZ360 showcased its suite of studio and software solutions, illustrating a seamless workflow from image capture to publication. Attendees had the opportunity to see Saleen’s latest innovation, the 2024 745hp 302 Yellow Label Mustang, displayed on EZ360’s HD turntable.

The 302 Yellow Label is part of the Saleen 302 line. While aesthetically similar to the White Label, under the hood is big change. The entry level White Label is no slouch with 510hp, but the Yellow Label increases this almost 50-percent to a tire shredding 745hp via a supercharger.

But the unveiling of the Saleen 302 Mustang was just the beginning. EZ360 productions offer fully automated processes, managing spins, hotspots, uploads, publishing, and AI cropping and enhancement. Detailers can easily capture two spins, an interior 360, detail pictures, and up to 200 high-quality photos, all seamlessly integrated live onto their website within 10 minutes.

EZ360 caters to dealers of all sizes, recognizing that each dealership is unique. Custom photo studios designed by EZ360 ensure optimal lighting, eliminating hotspots and shadows. The studios are engineered to perfection, utilizing stadium LED lights to produce stunning photos both inside and outside the vehicle.

At the core of EZ360’s offerings is the Heavy-Duty Turntable, ensuring consistent spins without rust or maintenance concerns. Supported by a comprehensive warranty and offering customizable options, it’s a reliable tool for automotive photography.

For those on a budget, EZ360 offers EZSmart, an affordable automated AI solution that transforms existing photos into professional-grade images with automated backgrounds, 4K enhancement, cropping, and spinning.

EZ360’s automated 4K photo studio solutions cater to dealerships of all sizes, providing options from EZSmart’s $5 per VIN offering to full turnkey studios equipped with 4K pictures and custom VDPs.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is the national voice of franchised new-car dealerships, their employees and their customers.

Ready to elevate your dealership’s photo game? Explore EZ360’s offerings and witness how we can enhance your online presence. From budget-friendly AI solutions to comprehensive turnkey studios, EZ360 offers tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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