All dealers have had to adapt to slower business due to COVID-19. But where are you going to be relative to others when everyone receives their PPP checks and the economy returns?

The virus has forced everyone to sell online. Many dealers are using the downturn to make their dealerships recession-proof with strategic investments. They’re supercharging online merchandising, beautifying their vehicles, upgrading facilities, and streamlining operations.

Why not do ALL of this? You can with an EZ360 Custom Photo Studio. Get started immediately with our unbeatable photo software.  We can then install your photo studio in as little as a month.  You’ll be ready when your consumers are back to buying and far ahead of the competition.

Other EZ360 News

Computer Vision Crop. Make your car the star with EZ360’s new Automatic Cropping. Instantly crop all your spin photos … in a single click! Click here to learn more and see how it easy it is.

The automatic cropper is just the first of many services we’ll be releasing through our computer vision and machine learning initiative. It’s all part of our mission to help you sell more vehicles through the best quality photos, faster and error-free production, and reduced operations costs.

Get your own Automated Photo Studio for only $29,500.  The EZ360 Photo Studio now starts at only $29,500. The Photo Studio is built on-site to your unique space (23’ x 25’ minimum) with a commercial turntable that just takes a click to run. The photo booth can include photographic walls, 100,000 lumen high density LED lighting, and light bouncing ceiling.

Our industry-leading software is the only product that’s fully integrated with a studio, captures pictures, interior 360 and exterior SPIN, publishes them automatically and instantly in high resolution to your web site, and features automatic cropping.