EZ360 unveiled its latest all-encompassing vehicle photography solution at NADA 2023 with the slogan “So EZ a Puppy Can Do It.”

NADA 2023

At our booth, visitors saw first hand the only fully integrated system in the market, combining its fiberglass turntable, custom studio, and AI-powered photo software. EZ360 showed the only turntable at the show. A Google Vehicle Listing (GVL) demo showed dealers’ current listings and how EZ360’s automated software cleaned up the images, put them in the right order, and greatly improved their display on Google.

EZ360’s Automated 4K Photo Studio is custom-built to adapt to auto, truck, and motorcycle dealers available space. The studios come fully equipped with 350,000 lumens LED light, automation, automation center, fixed and mobile high-resolution cameras, and cutting-edge software.

Image enhancement

EZ360 instantly captures, enhances, and uploads images to your website with a single touch. The EZ Turner turntable is built with rust-resistant fiberglass and makes photography sessions a breeze with one click 360 spins. The automated AI cropping and enhancement software ensures every picture is perfectly framed and enhanced, ready to impress potential buyers.

Automated software

Missed us at NADA? Don’t worry. You can see the action and our state-of-the-art technology in our exclusive show video.

NADA 2023 showed EZ360’s continuing commitment to providing auto dealers a superior photography solution and the latest technology … so easy to use even a puppy could do it!