Call us COVID Crazy but that’s not a typo. With our new leasing program you really CAN get your own complete Photo Studio for as little as $1,950 per month on a 48 month lease.

Want to pay upfront for your photo studio? We  love your cash and still do that too.

Enjoy the high-quality pictures, exterior SPIN, and interior 360 with points of interest that are produced in just 7 minutes and published to your web site instantly.  You’ll save  over $2,000 per month because no dedicated photographer is needed. Our software, cloud computing, and automated Computer Vision do it all for you.

The studio is custom-built to fit your space.  It includes an 18′ heavy-duty turntable, photographic walls, 180,000 lumens LED lights, and a wall-to-wall diffuser along with FOUR cameras, computer, control center, and software.  We design, ship, install, and train your people … it’s a true all-inclusive offer.

If our studio helps you sell just ONE car each month in Tier 1 as opposed to it sitting and going to auction, you’ve already paid for the Studio!

The turnkey system includes our famous wall-to-wall automation that makes vehicle photography as EZ as 1… 2 … 3.  Click to take a tour through an actual EZ360 photo shoot and production that shows how the photo studio, cameras, and software seamlessly integrate for automated photo processing from the studio to your VDP.

Our software features automated Computer Vision Crop for perfectly composed pictures. CV Crop is part of our new computer vision and machine learning initiative to save dealers time and money.   CV Crop can be performed on a single vehicle photo or all spin photos … in just a few seconds.  It ensures your vehicles are centered and expanded to be the star of the pictures, not your turntable and walls, lovely as they are with our photo studio.

CV crop features include crop box display for  manual editing, top and bottom padding controls,   branding overlay so you see what the pics look like with your dealership banner, and rebannering.