Are you trying to shoot 25 -30 cars a day to keep your photos of your car and truck inventory current and live online? If you can’t shoot your cars quickly, customers can’t see them on the web.

If you’re photographing your vehicle inventory like it’s 2010, STOP. Operations time is money.  Automation is the key to cost-effective auto dealer operations.  EZ360 can supply automated vehicle photo studios today to car dealerships of all sizes.

You’re invited to an EZ360 webinar that will show you how to shoot over 100 vehicle photos in under 10 minutes. Find out how EZ360 is changing the way busy dealerships streamline auto dealer operations and create virtual showrooms.

We’ll take you step by step through the full process from driving the vehicle into the studio to pulling out, including taking and editing pictures and using all 4 fixed and mobile cameras.

The EZ360 Automated Photo Studio features a heavy-duty 360° turntable for perfect spins.  With two top and low cameras and two spins with doors open and closed, 4 different spins are generated in just two minutes.  The EZ360 software automatically and immediately extracts display pictures and uploads the spins and pictures to your web site … all in 4K resolution, up to 26 times the size of typical auto dealer web site pictures.