Got video?

Many dealers have a wide range of online videos on YouTube. You may have videos that include a welcome from the owner or highlight new stores, services, promotions, and car buying tips.   Perhaps you’ve spent thousands of dollars with your ad agency to create commercials.   Your car manufacturer may provide video that you can use for new vehicles.

Now you can leverage those videos and show them directly on your VDP (Vehicle Display Page).  The EZ360 Video Library turbocharges your online merchandising. We make it EZ to show YouTube videos in your VDP for your auto group, individual stores, and special promotions.

The Library has two parts. The first is the iContent™ back-end picture editor where auto dealers manage their videos.  YouTube videos can be added to one or more auto group stores.  Different videos can be used for new, used, or all vehicles.

The second part is the EZ360 custom VDP (CVDP), which has navigation buttons to show exterior spin, interior 360 panorama, detail pictures, and video.  Web visitors click on the video icon to display and start the video in the main CVDP window.

See the Video Library in action and get all your questions answered in an upcoming seminar.

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