When it comes to showcasing your vehicles in the best possible light, traditional photography methods are time-consuming, expensive, and often require a skilled photographer. But what if there was a way to streamline the entire process and achieve top-quality results? That’s where the EZ360 4K Automated Photo Studio steps in to help capture and present your vehicles to potential buyers.

View the video below to see how our photo studio works.

The Ultimate Vehicle Photography Solution

The EZ360 Photo Studio is a turnkey solution that includes:

  • 18’ Heavy-Duty Turntable: Ensure consistent and efficient rotations.
  • 300,000 Lumen Stadium LED Lighting: Illuminate your car merchandise with soft, diffuse light that eliminates hotspots and shadows.
  • 4 High-resolution Cameras: Photo studios come equipped with two wall-mounted cameras for spins, one camera for interior panorama, and one for detail photos.
  • EZPi Network Computer: EZPi manages the internal and secure photo studio wifi network. It connects the fixed cameras to workbench monitors and enables remote troubleshooting.

The Process

The EZ360 Photo Studio automates many of the repetitive parts of the photography process, saving you photography time.

  • Instant Photos: Photos are automatically uploaded and published to your website when they’re taken, not hours or days later.
  • Automation for Everyone: Auto dealer detailers can capture, crop, enhance, and upload photos. A skilled photographer is needed.
  • Exterior Spin: Just click a button to start the turntable and take full spins.
  • Guided Workflow: A built-in customizable storyboard guides users in taking detailed photos. It’s so easy even a GM can take photos.
  • 360-Degree Interior Views: It takes just one click to shoot the interior panorama, including hotspots.

Fast Photos

The Photo Studio is built for busy dealerships. Vehicles can fully photographed and driven in and out in just seven to nine minutes.

Bringing Your Showroom to Life

The EZ360 Photo Studio isn’t just about speed and efficiency but also quality. EZ360 exclusively shoots – and displays – your vehicles in 4K resolution. The high-resolution photos show every detail, feature, and flaw as if you were standing right next to the car. This immersive experience brings your showroom to your buyer’s living room, creating transparency and trust.

AI for Perfect Photos

The EZ360 system goes beyond mere hardware; it’s a sophisticated software-driven solution. AI software identifies vehicles and ensures flawless photos with automatic cropping, enhancement, and even background replacement.

Contact EZ360 Today

The EZ360 4K Automated Photo Studio is a game-changer for auto dealers of all sizes. EZ360 has you covered, whether you need a complete turnkey solution or individual components like the EZTurn Fiberglass Turntable or EZSmart AI software. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your dealership’s photography and boost your online presence. Contact EZ360 today for a quote or to learn more. Visit or call 972.855.3500 and drive your dealership’s success with EZ360.