Don’t have room for a Photo Studio?

Auto dealers need sustainable, cost-effective solutions to add space for their photo studio for high-quality pictures.

Many car dealers take a Do-It-Yourself approach. They  use shades, tents, and other temporary structures. But these facilities have inadequate light and a poor background, resulting in average photos at best. In the long-term, dealers spend far more to repair and replace such photo booths than starting with a proper facility the first time.

We recommend two types of outside structures – steel and fabric buildings. The steel solution lasts 50+ years, but requires a permit and professional installation. Read more about steel buildings and see our video on an installation at an EZ360 client.

Fabric buildings are typically considered temporary. They last 15-20 years, can be installed without a permit, and are less expensive.

EZ360 sells both steel and fabric buildings. We also can provide site preparation, including engineering, permits, demolition, and foundation.  We’ll guide you through the process from selecting the right building to site prep and working with your local vendors to building installation.

See the chart below to learn more about the differences between steel and fabric buildings.

Fabric Building Steel Building
Colors White or Beige Many Colors
Lighting Not Required Required
Wind Sustainability Up to 70 MPH sustained wind Up to 120 MPH sustained wind
Lifespan Up to 20 years 50+ years
Warranty 15 years 40 years
Permit Not Required (in most cases) Required
Time (order to completion) 2-3 months 4-6 months
Typical Cost $40,000 $80,000


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