Dealers can go from drive-in to web publication in under 10 minutes. Just drive the car or truck on to the turntable in the photo studio. The Control Center automates the entire production, editing, and publication process. Computer monitors show the actual camera photo view, the mobile app, and current inventory and production reports. Fixed smartphone cameras are synchronized with the turntable. Dealer inventory is uploaded and stored on iContent.

EZ360 manages it all. There is no need for a bulky camera. There are no more manual uploads. There are no more mistakes and lost work.

To start, the operator enters the stock number or a few characters the VIN on the mobile app. Exterior spin, interior 360, and detail photos are easy to start from the home screen. The operator clicks to spin the car or truck with the doors closed. Then spin the car with doors open. The butterfly spin is created in just 3 minutes. Next, capture interior panoramic 360. Interior 360 can increase sales conversion by 300%. Then add a few manual pictures. For example, shoot the view from the passenger front door. Then the steering wheel and instruments. Continue with any other important auto features. All the photos are immediately uploaded to your website. After the photos have been taken, automated cut and crop can instantly create additional pictures.

Google created self-driving cars. Using EZ360 and machine language technology Humans don’t need to shoot them anymore!