EZ360 has done it again. We just dropped our lowest price for a custom photo studio to $34,900.  Our entry-level photo booth features a smaller turntable that’s ideal for car and truck dealerships that sell a lower volume of vehicles and don’t have large trucks like the Ford extended cab F-450.

Get the same great looking and reliable photos with INSTANT VDP publishing as our regular photo studio.  The Photo Studio is built on-site to your unique space (23’ x 25’ minimum) with a commercial turntable that just takes a click to run. The photo booth includes photographic walls, 100,000 lumen high density LED lighting, and light bouncing ceiling.

Add our automation package, mobile app, and web software for your site for a turnkey wall-to-wall Automated Photo Studio. The system is so easy to run that our clients typically have detailers taking pictures and operating the studio.  Dealers save $1000s every month.  Plus cycle time from drive-in to publication is as low as 7 minutes.

The software is full-featured with spin, 360, detail pictures, and much more.  The mobile app iVana makes it a breeze to connect to your inventory and shoot photos.  The EZ360 Photo Studio and Software is the only dealer photo system that enables your team to capture pictures, interior 360 and exterior SPIN and post them automatically and instantly to your web site.  Dealers get immediate high-resolution photos!

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