Push a Booth …

360Booth has a nice photo booth.  Their studio has solid lighting.  The round interior automatically eliminates nasty corners that can mar vehicle merchandising.  The controlled environment should minimize hotspots, glare, and shadows that detract from the beauty of car and truck photos on your vehicle web pages. It’s a nice solution to take better and more reliable high-quality pictures.

But 360Booth forces you to push the booth.  Do you seek a 360 spin?  If you have the right software you can do a walkaround.  You can simulate a rough spin.

What about your operational costs?  This isn’t a computerized solution.  You still need a photographer.  So you’ll increase Internet sales but save little money to offset the cost of the booth.


The horse buggy is nice too. It was popular in 1820.


Or Push a Button

The EZ360 Automated Photo Studio provides a similar controlled environment.  It includes interior walls with rounded corners, a complete set of LED lights that generate over 100,00 lumens, and a wall to wall diffuser for great vehicle photos just like 360Booth.

But there’s a lot more. The studio is custom-designed and built for your facility.  If you have limited space, an odd-shaped room, or a low ceiling, let us show you how we can make it work without sacrificing photo quality.

The studio features a heavy-duty turntable.   It’s the same turntable used in rotating entire restaurants.  And yes, the turntable has a remote with a button for easy operation and precise spins.

The automation doesn’t stop there.  EZ360 software delivers wall-to-wall integration.  Click to start the turntable and automatically the photos are taken, spin animation and video are generated, and all the media are instantly published – in high resolution – to your web site!

EZ360 is so easy to use that our dealerships use detailers to take photos and run the system.  You’ll increase Internet sales and save thousands of dollars every month.


Just push the button to rotate your vehicle.
Industrial motors have been perfected over the past 100 years.

photo studio turntable


Push a booth or Push a button.
The choice is yours.
For the same price.

Push the button to contact EZ360 now!