Concrete articles

When it’s time to take photos, dealerships ensure their cars and trucks are clean and freshly bathed. EZ360 can provide an outstanding photo studio, perfect lighting and ceiling, and polished turntable around the vehicle. We can then frame the shots to make your photos look gorgeous. But there is one part of the picture that’s missing here … the floor!

EZ360 consults with clients to determine the right flooring and options based on your photo booth equipment and facility. In some cases you may be able to use your existing floor if it’s in excellent shape and the color and pattern are suitable for your brand.

Today our clients increasingly ask for the “infinity” look for eye-catching photos that make them stand out from other dealers.  The floor has a slightly wet glassy look with a touch of reflection from the vehicle.

Various pieces go together to create that sexy infinity floor.  First, you need to use software like EZ360 that displays high-resolution photos where your visitors can appreciate that high-quality look.  Avoid software that goes through your data feed provider and steps down the resolution to a poor 640×480 pixels.

Next make sure you have a polished turntable, a sealed floor coating, and a damp mat for the wheels on the photo booth entry. Then there is the missing ingredient – concrete that raises the floor a few inches to the top of the turntable so the floor and turntable are level.

A concrete sealant is applied after the concrete sets.  It’s preferable to epoxy as it’s more durable.  It complements the infinity look with a bright surface appearance.  The sealant can last many years without cracking or peeling. It can be applied to cement without mortar or glue. It’s is highly resistant to most everything, protecting the floor from water, stains, oil, and cracks. The smooth and even surface is easy to sweep and clean. Lastly it’s highly affordable given all these benefits.

Concrete is an underappreciated part of dealer auto photography.  EZ360 works with your contractors to ensure the concrete will be done right so your vehicles look great.

In future posts we’ll show an actual cement installation.  It’s not a simple dump and you’re done.  It’s an art that actually takes up to a full month to cure for top strength and durability.