The past year has seen EZ360’s business skyrocket with dozens of new customers and photo studios.  We thank every one of them for the privilege of helping them increase their sales with great photos and reducing costs with our  integrated and automated photo booths, turntables, apps, and vehicle web pages.  The photo above shows a few of their studios and VDPs (view high resolution).

While the economy has slowed, EZ360 hasn’t.  Unlike other auto industry suppliers, we’re not tapping the brakes.  Instead, we’re pushing down the accelerator.   We’re taking this opportunity to develop new features and products and increase R&D in computer vision and machine learning.

What can we build for your dealership?

Every dealership is different with its own unique branding, merchandising, and photo productions. So EZ360 now offers a wide family of photo studios starting at just $29,500.  We make it Easy with a solution for every dealer.

  • From single independents to multi-brand auto groups with many dealerships.
  • From subcompacts and motorcycles to exotic cars to vans and the largest trucks like the Ford F-450.
  • From low volume dealers to auto groups shooting 1,000-2,000 vehicles per month.
  • From dealers that need a building to those with limited space to others that seek the latest infinity floor look
  • From our standard media web page display to your own custom VDP where you control the branding, buttons, and appearance

Photo Software Service Packages

If you’re too small or not ready for a photo booth, you can still enjoy our industry-leading software, featuring exterior spin, interior 360, and detail photos.  Here are a few quick highlights.

  • Our mobile app iVana uses a Low-Cost standard smartphone.
  • The iVana Magazine is an easy-to-follow guide that makes it simple to take detail pics.
  • Your photos are Automatically and Immediately uploaded to your web site in High Resolution.
  • Our powerful media layer displays Spin animation, interior panorama, and high-resolution photos on your SRPs and VDPs.
  • Includes vehicle inventory import from your data feed providers and export for ad partners.

Contact EZ360 to see what we can do for you.