Which dealer VDP photo above will sell your car or truck faster?

EZ360 announces Automatic Cropping

It can be difficult to get the right shot.  If you don’t have a photo booth you have to walk around the vehicle.  Your distance to the car and the size of the car in the pic will vary.  You try to shoot around hotspots, reflections, and shadows.  You want to avoid telephone poles, trees, and other cars that are distracting.  You don’t want busy or unflattering backgrounds but still should have enough room for decent 360 pics.

It’s easier with a photo studio, turntable, and fixed cameras. But operators must take care to drive the car in so it’s centered.  The photo needs to be framed just right to fill the frame but leave room for your branding.

Even if your operator is well-trained, it will never be perfect.  A car shot to show its full profile looks larger than when seen head-on.  A Ford F450 fills the camera view far more than a Ford Fiesta.  A vehicle with doors, trunk or gate, and hood opened will take up more display real estate than the same auto with doors closed.  Your photos will always need to be cropped.

Not anymore.  EZ360 Auto Crop does the cropping instantly for you for one or all your spin pics, regardless of where the vehicle is in the frame, how far away it is, or whether the doors are open or closed. Your photos should be filled with the car, not a blank wall, and certainly not trees and a parking lot.

You never need to worry about your photographer taking photos off-center or too far away, spending hours a day just cropping, or simply not getting around to fixing the pics.

The automatic cropper is just the first of many services we’ll be releasing through our computer vision and machine learning initiative.  It’s all part of our mission to help you sell more vehicles through the best quality photos, faster and error-free production, and reduced operations costs.

One click. Perfect crops.  Watch the video below to see how it EASY it is!