Automobile dealers today increasingly understand the value of 360 spins in attracting online vehicle buyers. But if more dealerships are doing it,  how can you stand out?

Show off the car!  That’s what buyers are looking at. Display more of it with multiple spins and angles. The integrated EZ360 system with two fixed high-resolution cameras shows spins from eye-level and top view angles and with doors closed and open.

Shooting is EZ because the software is automated.   iVana mobile app multispin settings identify camera use and your preferred display style – whether you want the spins ordered by camera view or doors open/closed.

To start, just click the turntable remote and the app spin button.   The cameras capture top and bottom spins simultaneously.  The cameras automatically upload the media in high resolution to your VDP.  EZ360 software seamlessly tracks and displays the 360 spins and spin photos.   There’s NO manual uploading or waiting on your data provider to see the spins on your web site. That’s all done typically in one minute.

After the spin is completed open the car doors, hood, and trunk.  Click to run a second spin.  Eye-level and top view cameras automatically capture the open door spin and send the spins and photos to your web site.

That’s a total of four different spins – all captured in just two minutes – to wow online shoppers and get them to engage with your car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, or other vehicle.  The EZ360 VDP presentation is a virtual showroom for every vehicle on your website.