Congratulations, you’re finally ready to upgrade your car and truck photos. You’re looking at different photo studios.  Of course, the cost is critical.  Be sure to consider all the operational,  photography, and website factors that come together to produce the great photos you want to show your buyers.  

Push a Booth

Some photo booths are circular with an attached camera and a few lights to take spin pictures. Your staff has to physically push the circular booth around the vehicle to take spin photos. Then they manually upload them to a DMS. Once uploaded, it typically takes several days for your low-resolution photos, sometimes as small as 640 x480 pixels, to be published on your website. 

    push a button

Push a Button

EZ360 delivers an automated photo studio, complete with a heavy-duty turntable, 250,000 lumens of diffused light for perfect lighting, and fixed cameras. Simply push a button to shoot a spin of the vehicle. Exterior spin, interior 360, and highlight pictures automatically uploaded and instantly published to your website.

EZ360 shoots and displays photos in 4K high resolution.  That’s 8 million pixels compared to 300,000.  Our photos are 16 to 27 times larger than your current vehicle pictures for true color and sharp detail. Buyers can even zoom in to see fine features or flaws as if they were standing right next to the car. 

   push a button

Your Choice Is Clear

The EZ360 turntable ensures consistent photos from spin to spin and car to car. We eliminate the need to manually push a booth.  Never worry about changing spin speeds, spins going too fast or too slow, or jostling cameras because of bumps or bends in the track.

The EZ360 booth provides better lighting and automates shooting operations, including the spin and uploading. Our dealers save time and money by being able to complete a full production with over 100 photos in seven to nine minutes. 

EZ360 software features 4K photos and custom VDPs for amazing high quality, high definition pictures eliminating fuzzy or pixelated pictures when buyers zoom in. We truly bring your showroom into the buyer’s living room. 

Best of all, EZ360 can do all this for ABOUT THE SAME PRICE.

Do you want to Push a Booth … or Push a Button? The choice is clear. 

Contact EZ360 today to Push a Button for the highest quality, consistent photos.