360 spins are critical in car and truck merchandising. They give the online shopper a full view of the vehicle, just like they were seeing it live in the showroom.

Photographers first created spins by walking around the vehicle. But walkaround photos and video result in a jumpy viewing experience. Spin creation is a manual process, dependent on photographer training and how they feel that day. The vehicle spin can vary a little or a lot, including the time and pace around the vehicle, the camera angle, the camera height, and the distance from the camera to the center of the car or truck.

A circular booth with fixed camera is somewhat better than a walkaround. The photographer pushes the booth around the vehicle. So the camera height is almost always the same. However the process is still manual and leaves a lot of variability. The camera has to be re-mounted with every spin and media then manually uploaded. The spin time and pace isn’t always the same or even. So the spin display will vary from photographer to photographer and day to day.

The 21st century solution to perfect spins removes the human element – it’s the automated 360 spin turntable. The turntable operates at the push of a button. It doesn’t require someone to push a booth. Fixed cameras with a turntable result in consistent spins and display pictures, regardless of the vehicle, day, and photographer.

The EZ360 Automated Photo Studio is an end-to-end turnkey system with turntable. Heavy-duty 18′ turntables feature easy maintenance and can hold up to 10,000 pounds and accommodate even the largest commercial trucks. Polished reflective tabletops bounce light onto the lower part of the vehicle to eliminate shadows.

The Photo Studio automates every step of the spin from rotating the turntable to taking over 100 4K photos in just a couple minutes to uploading them immediately to the dealer web site. See how the photo studio with turntable works.

The automated 360 Spin Turntable enables multiple fixed cameras for eye level and top views of the spin to show even more of the vehicle and increase viewer engagement. It allows virtually anyone to become a vehicle photographer. Most EZ360 clients use a detailer to take pictures.