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EZ360 announces its new Heavy-Duty 18′ Turntable designed for auto dealers and manufactured in the USA.    Order your turntable now for just $695/month.  The package includes cameras and software for photos taken and displayed in unbeatable 4K resolution.

The ONLY Turntable for perfect, consistent spins.   The EZ360 18’ heavy-duty turntable can handle every vehicle in your inventory (including full bed double cab F-350 & F-450’s) day in and day out.  Unlike any other turntable, the steel frame is galvanized and the the tops are made of reinforced fiberglass that will never rust – just like Corvettes and boats.

This turntable will look like new for many years.  It repels salt and snow, and is easy to clean. It even comes with a floor-cleaning buffing machine.

Automation saves you $$$.   The turntable package includes four 4K cameras (three Pixels and one Theta 360), EZPi computer, monitors, and workbench.  The spin cameras are fixed to the wall and controlled by the EZPi Cameras and production setting are set up by us.   We can even log into the cameras for real-time troubleshooting and hands-on training.

Anybody can be an EZ360 photographer.  A full production takes just 7-10 minutes to shoot.  The pictures are published instantly.

Stand above the competition with 4K pictures!   Your pictures are uploaded automatically to the Amazon cloud and displayed to your visitors instantly in 4K format (16x times bigger than HD).  Your buyers use mobile devices and high-definition monitors.  Now they can zoom in and see closeup details and even blemishes as if they were in the showroom.

No capital expenses … nothing to buy … shipping and installation included … Just $695 a month and $3.95 per VIN.

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