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Both an automated turntable in a photo studio like EZ360 and a push-operated photo booth or carousel-like 360Booth enable auto dealers to take spins and pictures of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

These solutions have key differences and so can offer different advantages for automotive photography.  Here are some benefits of each option:

Benefits of Using a Push-Operated Photo Booth like 360Booth:

  • Easy-to-use: Users push a side of the circular booth to start moving it.  The booth is on wheels so a lot of pressure is not needed.  The operator continues to push the booth until completing a full revolution. The booth will then slow down and eventually stop.
  • Capture spins:  A camera is mounted on the booth frame.  A spin video or series of photos can be shot as the booth revolves around a stationary vehicle.  

Benefits of Using a Turntable in a Photo Studio:

  • Custom studio size:  A push photo booth takes photos inside fixed booth walls.  A turntable can be placed in a space of any size.  The space can be as small as a typical push booth or significantly larger.  

Shooting in more space eliminates the cramped photos that can result from push-a-booth.   It enables larger vehicles, such as commercial trucks, to be shot and provides for more room for superior lighting, such as the 300,000 lumens provided by an EZ360 photo studio. 

  • Easiest-to-use:  Just click the turntable remote button to automatically turn the turntable. There is nothing to push.  Click to stop the table where you started.  Then click again to start a second spin with the doors open.  Anyone, such as a detailer, can use it.
  • Capture consistent and more spins: Fixed cameras on the wall automatically take spin video and photos.  Turntable operation is computer-controlled, including start, stop, and spin speed and times. 

A push-style booth speed – and thus its pictures – will vary with every spin and operator.  Automated turntable speed is always the same.  As a result, a turntable delivers consistent spins, vehicle after vehicle. 

Multiple cameras can be placed on the walls.  Multiple spins from different angles can then be captured  in a single turntable revolution to show more of the vehicle in less  time.. 

  • Increased automation: A computerized turntable enables more photo studio automation that increases vehicle throughput and reduces photography costs. The  EZ360 Automated 4K Photo Studio features one-click operation to automatically take spins and upload media to the cloud and car dealer website. 

Ultimately, the choice between using a turntable in a photo studio and a push-operated photo booth depends on your specific dealership needs and goals. If you’re focusing on high-quality automotive photography, streamlined, automated operations, and creative control, a turntable in a studio setting might be more suitable. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for the simplest solution with less technology and the cheapest price, a push-operated photo booth could be the better option.