The automobile industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. It is making way for the digital realm, finding its new home in car buyer living rooms. Leading this digital shift is EZ360, blending state-of-the-art technology like AI and automation and premium photos to redefine the auto shopping experience. So, what does it mean to have EZ360 as your all-in-one solution for these services?

Let’s explore:

The Perks:

  • One Stop shopping:  EZ360 takes care of everything.  It’s a complete turnkey experience that includes the studio ceiling, lights, walls, floor, turntable, cameras, computers, accessories, software, training, shipping, and installation. 
  • First-rate Quality: When we talk about EZ360, we’re not discussing regular small car dealership pictures.  EZ360 pictures are 4K ultra-high-definition images that provide up to 27 times more detail than typical 640×480 car and truck dealer photos. This means your customers can dive into every vehicle detail from their couch … just like they would at your showroom.
  • Consistency: EZ360 leverages fixed cameras, motorized turntables, and automation and AI software. It enables consistent results regardless of who’s taking photos, the weather outside, and the vehicle size. 
  • Production: EZ360 automation drives higher photo performance for dealers with hundreds of cars.  The system generates up to 200 photos, a complete vehicle spin, and an interior 360 view in under 10 minutes. Speedy, isn’t it?
  • Instant Online Showroom: Once your photos are shot, they’re immediately uploaded to your website.  It’s like EZ360 is instantly teleportating your vehicles into the car shopper’s living room. 

As the digital age continues to evolve, creating an engaging virtual showroom isn’t a luxury — it’s essential. And with a partner like EZ360, you’re well-equipped to navigate and thrive in this groundbreaking new era.

Ready to redefine your auto dealership’s digital presence? Take the first step towards high-quality vehicle photography and a seamless online showroom experience. Get in touch with EZ360 today, and let’s drive toward the future together.