Do you drive an AMC Gremlin?

We hope you don’t.  Then why do you run your photos through a data feed to display pictures in 640×480 pixel VGA resolution from 1987?

It’s 2020.  It’s time to start selling with pictures from this decade, not from one 30 years ago!

Join the EZ360 4K revolution now and bring your showroom to your buyer’s living room.

Your buyers are pinching, whether they’re on their smartphone, a trackpad on their laptop, or a mouse on their desktop PC or Mac.  Zoom and pan are a must.  That requires 4K pictures.

Car buyers are looking at search engines and your website long before they visit your showroom.  Today auto dealers have to deliver an engaging and seamless experience to stand out.

EZ360 delivers an integrated wall-to-wall photo solution for virtually every auto dealership, whether you need a steel building or a compact studio you can put almost anywhere.  Our system includes a  custom photo studio, heavy-duty turntable, and advanced software with automation and computer vision.

The EZ360 VDP can be customized for full-screen displays that capture buyers.  Our vehicle presentations include multispin with top and bottom cameras, interior 360, and detail photos … all taken with just one click and in stunning high-resolution 4K.  The photos deliver crisp color and sharp details.  Most importantly buyers can expand pics to see whether that smudge is a feature, just dirt, or a flaw.

Our 4K cameras take pictures in 16:9, 4:3, or whatever custom aspect ratio you use. EZ360 automation instantly uploads photos to your web site as they’re taken. Typical production time is under 10 minutes.  Pictures are often ready for display before your  DMS or data provider has added the new vehicle to your dealer web site.

Contact us to get started now!