At eCarOne we are proud to be one of the most successful pre-owned only dealerships in Dallas. We’ve sold thousands of vehicles since we opened the doors in 1994. We’ve been doing business with Izzy for more than a decade.

When Izzy approached us more than five years ago with the idea of building a photo studio with a turntable I was already considering the idea. But nobody had heard (at the time) of an automated photo studio or instant publications (vs. the 24 or 48 hrs it took from the time that we capture the picture till publication).

That vision lagged, by far, from what EZ360 delivered to us over the years. Not only are our people capable of capturing over 50 detail pictures, 200+ exterior spin pictures, and panoramic 360 view in just 10 minutes or so, but those pictures are also published to our customized VDP – provided by Dealer Inspire – instantly.

In fact, we even took advantage of EZ360’s API system and built our own proprietary full-size inventory kiosk display system that our clients love to use. Such a system had a significant impact on our success and receives many compliments daily. EZ360’s dedicated development and support team worked closely with our in-house developers to create a better photo and video presentation for our kiosk-based system. They never asked for additional compensation simply because they enjoy meeting the challenge.

Thus, ordering a second photo studio for our newly acquired Maserati Dealership was a no-brainer, even though we had no space for it except in the service waiting area open to the public. Izzy, his team and I worked closely to design and build a one-of-a-kind, aesthetic, modern-looking – yet efficient and easy to operate – photo studio system that cost us less than 60% of the original budget.
Marc Rhima, President
eCarOne and Essence Maserati, Dallas, TX