Our software is designed to grow with you and technology with advanced features like a developer API and artificial intelligence. The automated photo studio lets you take 4K photos with a push of a button and instantly upload them to your website ready for customers to view from anywhere and on any device.

Our photo studios are similarly engineered to last a decade. They’re constructed for optimum light to provide you the best possible pictures. They’re built with steel frame construction, just like you’d find in your own office.

Custom Photo Studio

EZ360 doesn’t force a fixed-size studio on you. Our studios are custom-built. They can be installed in a new building or fit an existing space. They’re designed for your specific facility, whether you have a room as small as 24’x26′, an irregularly-shaped area, a dedicated 30’x30′ building, or even a huge space for multiple photo stations to support a high-volume recon center.

Photo Studio Light

Outstanding vehicle productions begin with a photo studio that has amazing lighting. Our photo studios start with a massive amount of light with 250,000 lumens of LED lighting. The light is filtered through a diffuser fabric to provide soft, natural light.

The studios are engineered with round corners and reflective surfaces to ensure that light covers your entire vehicle, hotspots and shadows are virtually eliminated, and there is excellent lighting for interior pictures.

Studio walls are made of a special plastic that diffuses and reflects light. The turntable and epoxied floor are highly reflective.

Building a Photo Studio

A photo booth build starts with a clean and even floor so your turntable will last for many years. Self-leveling concrete may be applied to ensure a flat surface.

Next we build a 12′ high steel stud and track frame. We apply photographic panels to the studs or existing walls. Plastic is also added to wall exteriors to provide a clean look from outside the studio. Depending on your site, we may add curtains for easy vehicle access.

The FlightLight™ adjustable light system provides easy maintenance and slashes electrician installation costs. The truss is constructed and the diffuser and lights are attached. The truss is raised with winches and doubly secured with safety lines. If you have a low ceiling, a wall-to-wall diffuser can be installed instead.

A heavy-duty 18′ turntable is constructed to provide perfect spin photos as well as automated detail pictures. The table features a high-gloss powder top coating. Concrete is poured outside of and level to the turntable for a stunning infinity look. Three coats of epoxy are then applied for trouble-free floor maintenance and a reflective finish that will last for years.

The final step is the setup and calibration of the automation center. Fixed cameras provide photo consistency while the EZPi™ computer connects the cameras to monitors and the Internet for remote viewing, control, and shooting.

We provide comprehensive on-site training for your new studio. It encompasses the art of photography, marks and settings to get the best pictures from your studio, how to use the mobile app and back-end software, and of course taking a few actual productions from pulling the car to driving it out. When we leave your site you and your staff are fully ready to start taking professional quality photos in-house.

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