Your photo studio and software are a key investment in staying ahead of other dealers. Are they doing all they can for you?  Compare your studio and check out our latest seminars below.



It’s a Custom Studio.  Or it isn’t.   Every dealer is different.   A recon center with 900 square feet is perfect.  But not everyone can provide that.   EZ360 designs and custom builds a studio for your specific space, whether your open area is as small as 23’x25’, you just have room for lighting, or you need a steel building.  Our studios generate ideal diffused light with 300,000 lumens that bounces off walls and the floor for excellent interior vehicle photos.   Can your studio do that?



It’s Automated.  Or it isn’t.   You don’t have to push a booth with EZ360. Our heavy-duty turntable gives you perfect, consistent, and multiple spins with just a click.  Productions are automated from shoot to publication. It’s so easy to use detailers take the photos.  You can shoot two spins, an interior 360, and over 100 photos AND have them live on your website in under 10 minutes.   Can your software do that?



It’s 4K.  Or it isn’t.   No camera today shoots less than 4K.  But

data feeds slash those file sizes down to as low as 640×480 pixels or just 4% of the 4K file size.  They’re literally throwing away 96% of the photo quality.  Not EZ360.  We feature 4K pictures shot AND displayed for vibrant color and amazing detail.   Can your pictures do that?



It’s a Full-Screen VDP.  Or it isn’t.   What good are gorgeous 4K photos if your buyers can’t fully see them?   EZ360 custom VDPs show off vehicles with full-screen spin, 360, and picture presentations.  Web visitors can expand your cars and trucks full-page and zoom in to inspect details and flaws as if they were a foot or two away.  Can your website do that?