The Admen of Madison Ave used an expression, “put a new spin on it.” To put a new spin on an old product, the Admen would redesign the package, give it a new slogan, and roll it out with the new image.  EZ360 enables car dealers to present vehicles with multiple “new spins”.

Car shoppers now see vehicles online instead of visiting showrooms. Dealerships need to engage customers with professional photos and media presentations.

Some dealers try to capture interest by using every photographic special effect that the camera or software will allow. It is not a true representation of the car.  Multiple 360 spins are far more effective.

  • Engage visitors – A photo is static and can quickly be skipped.  A spin is dynamic and allows the user to spend time watching and controlling it.
  • Be more transparent.  A single spin is limited. Multiple spins show more of a car, truck, SUV, and van to assure shoppers you aren’t hiding anything. Visitors can see the engine, the inside of the car, and in truck beds.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd – Be the first among the competition to show the vehicle from different angles and doors closed and open.

EZ360 creates multiple spins with eye level and high angle fixed cameras. Multiple spins are also created by shooting separate spins with the doors closed and then open, including the hood, trunk, and liftgate. Photographers can remotely see what the cameras see and control the cameras from their workbench.

Put a new spin on your vehicles with EZ360!