Does EZ360 work?  Just ask Legacy Auto Group in Kentucky.

After intensive research, we chose EZ360 as our provider for our automated Photo Studio. We installed their Photo Studio at both of our locations a year ago.

Our experience exceeded our expectations. EZ360 installed the systems in a confined area and they did it on-time and within budget. They also included a surrounding raised floor that provided us with easy operation, infinity look, and superb picture quality. EZ360 reduced cycle time from drive-in to drive-out to just 10 minutes. That even includes immediate publishing to our web sites.

EZ360 software, back-end system, and support are second to none. Thanks to the partnership between, our web site provider, and EZ360, our websites feature a custom VDP (CVDP) that presents car buyers pictures, exterior SPIN, interior 360 and points of interests in a powerful side-by-side two player format.

The CVDP allows us to capture and display pictures in 4K resolution. Online customers can zoom in until they are just 1-2 feet away from the vehicle.

Since we started using the CVDP average time-on-site grew by 180% and the total sales increased by 15% despite the pandemic. COVID-19 may have forced our buyers to stay at home. But EZ360 enabled us to bring the showroom to their living room!

Ed Hyde, Owner
Legacy Auto Group,  London, KY

Ed Hyde, Owner, Legacy Automotive Group