When we realized that a photo studio is a must-have, we faced a dilemma that many urban dealership encounter – lack of space. We were ready to fork over $120,000 to build a new site and purchase a photo studio with a steel building until we discovered EZ360.

EZ360, using their custom-build-to-fit photo studio WITH a turntable, enabled us to make use of an irregular, low ceiling shack and convert it to a state-of-the-art facility … at less than 50% of the other solution. We not only saved on the initial cost, but their fully automated system also eliminated the need for a dedicated photographer (or 3rd party service).

In fact, the total cost of ownership and operation, on a monthly basis, is less than we spent before! Moreover, while we were in the construction phase, EZ360 released the 4K picture technology that is a total game changer – those large format pictures (more than 16 times the number of pixels of traditional HD pictures) allow our customers to zoom in until they are just 2-3 feet away from the vehicle with no degradation of quality. In the era of COVID-19, our ability to deliver the showroom experience to the customer’s living room is a huge advantage.

EZ360 dedicated staff and management deliver customer support that is second to none. Their rep and training staff often call on our guys as soon as they identify the slightest problem and provide support, advice and further training even before management is aware of such problems. Their dedication and love of innovation has been critical to our success.

Ram Tehrani, GM
Culver City Volvo Mazda, Los Angeles CA