When Birchwood Automotive decided to build a 40,000 SF Reconditioning and Detailing Center to serve all their 21 dealerships they designated a 2,400 SF area, equipped with high-density LED lights and signed with a reputable vendor to provide a picture, spin, and interior 360 services,

The results were satisfactory but the picture quality and consistency were not above par. They also discovered that processing time was much longer than anticipated and required dedicated, highly-trained employees. In mid-2019 Birchwood searched for a vendor that could upgrade the facility and provide better software, process, and publication features, as well as superb picture quality.

The bar was set high – the photo studio had to accommodate traffic from all four lanes of detailing, handle more than 2,000 vehicles a month fully automated, and reduce processing time by at least 30%. There were few contenders but only one company could meet all the requirements.

EZ360 proposed a 42’x28’ Photo Studio with heavy-duty turntable, a battery of 500,000 lumen LED lights with wall-to-wall diffuser, and fully automated picture and spin production.  They also promised high-quality pictures, as well as instant publication with a price point that met Birchwood expectations. The software and services package was 40% less than the current spending.  The entire facility would pay for itself in just 14 months.

“The results exceeded our expectations, by far “ said Scott Greer, Birchwood’s Director of Used Vehicles Services. “The pictures’ quality is much higher than we were used to.  EZ360 also delivered a set of custom API that our developers used to integrate the pictures, spin, and interior 360 panoramic view into our web site.  The pictures are published instantly, even before the vehicle leaves the photo studio! It takes less than 10 minutes to process a vehicle and the system requires no special skill sets. Just press a button and the smart cameras that are synchronized with the turntable do the rest”.

Less than a year later, when COVID-19 hit it became evident that consumer habits changed. Potential buyers prefer to stay at home and shop online. EZ360 quickly adapted and created the industry’s FIRST and ONLY 4K production platform. Those high-density pictures (4000 x 3000 pixels) are so bright and clear that potential buyers can zoom in until they are just 2-3 feet away. Vehicles look better than any competing platform can deliver. Consumer trust and confidence is much higher since they can inspect the vehicles from the comfort of their living room and on any mobile device.

EZ360 also delivered an automated cropping system, based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning (CV/ML), that displayed the vehicle at precisely 85% of the frame on each and every picture. EZ360 promises to deliver even more CV/ML products that include automated production of the detail pictures, automated BGR (Background Removal and Replacement) and even full-width VDP (the “Showroom”) that deliver real showroom experience, including video and animation to the buyers, wherever they are.

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