VW of Salem is known for a wide selection of pre-owned heavy-duty trucks.  So it’s important to us to be able to shoot and present our vehicles in an attractive format. We looked for a vendor that can provide a very large photo studio with a heavy-duty turntable and automation.

After intense market research, we chose EZ360 because they are the only vendor who could provide such a wall-to-wall solution and the price was very affordable. At first, we were skeptical when Izzy claimed that “no photographer is needed”.   But they trained our reconditioning department personal and it works flawlessly – vehicles are posted to our website instantly and distributed automatically to our advertisement partners.

Furthermore – EZ360 and’s recent partnership agreement partnership provided us with a unique Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) that presents the pictures, spin & interior 360 in 4K format that has 16 times more pixels than the standard HD picture. The 4K pictures have exceptional quality, allowing our visitor to zoom in until they are just 2-3 feet away. Our photos position us above the competition.

To top it all, EZ360 service and customer support are second to none. Our rep, Carol Carpenter, is very helpful and proactive. She constantly checks on our people to ensure quality production, provides additional training, and resolves any issue that we have within hours.

Joshua Hunsaker, GM
Lithia VW of Salem, Salem OR